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Reviews of Lucinda's Whirlwind

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Praise for Lucinda's Whirlwind

"It's a romance novel of sorts, but one that focuses more on two women finding ways to love themselves. Limerick also navigates the nuances of multi-layered family life with gusto and good spirit in a novel that shows the depth among Australians writing commercial women's fiction."


"Lucinda is an unusual protagonist...  Limerick has created a person out of  sync with the world. Lucinda lacks social grace... She is an anti-heroine of sorts, a paradoxical  role perhaps less familiar for female characters. It's difficult to like her at  first, but this may be said of some of the most memorable heroines, Emma  Woodhouse among them, though Austen made her rather better with children.

...Limerick - a Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist in 2004 - has written a novel full of charm, loss, sisters, taxidermy, an American road trip, a wedding and redemption."

Sydney Morning Herald

Reader feedback for Lucinda's Whirlwind

Comments from an online book club (http://bookgirl.beautyandlace.net/)

"Lucinda’s Whirlwind is a beautiful story of growth, it really is quite a whirlwind... I would recommend it, especially to those who have ever been accused of being tactless – Lucinda may give you a bit of perspective." Michelle

"I loved this book! I literally did not put it down since I picked it up... I was entranced from the very beginning... This is definitely one of the best books I have read recently and will definitely be passing it on to others to read." Alison

"I found the story to be wickedly funny and for a majority of the pages I was giggling and smiling throughout the book...It’s a very warm, lighthearted story about life and love." Mandy 

"I totally fell in love with this book. A brilliant read that was full of everything that I like in a book. I found myself laughing out loud many many times. This fantastic book is now being passed around to everyone in the family." Joanne

Reviews of Dying for Cake 

A sample of reviews following the 2003 Australian release of Dying for Cake, can be found below: 

Praise for Dying for Cake 

 "... a great read... a thoroughly diverting book that plunges us wholeheartedly into the lives of its five characters: all mothers of young children, but all different from one another... her depictions of the minutiae of raising children are lovingly realistic but not overly sentimental... this novel is essentially about the validity of different ways of mothering, and the importance of self-fulfilment for women, however that is gained ."

The Age

"Where Limerick's writing shines is in her buoyant evocation of the sticky, constant, exasperating and loving realm of small children and their carers. There are many such delicious scenes in this novel..."

The Weekend Australian

"... honest, original, thoughtful, emotional, mature and suspenseful..."

Sydney Morning Herald

"Limerick has a real knack for capturing the small triumphs and tragedies of everyday life. While working within the constraints of genre fiction, Limerick has a passion and a tenderness for her characters that won us over"

Sydney Morning Herald Judging Panel, Best Young Australian Novelists 2004

"Limerick writes in her own unique style and voice... From page one, you'll feel as if you're a part of this cache of mothers and friends and want desperately to be let in on their secrets and their theories about what has happened to Amy."

Rocky Mountain News