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Lucinda's Whirlwind

Have you ever longed to tell someone exactly what’s on your mind but never dared? Lucinda Ellis, determinedly single, ambitious and brilliant, has never been shy in expressing her opinions. Lucinda is brutally honest with everyone and in all circumstances. Her only problem is that she has never really mastered the art of getting along with other people and so she avoids people, even family.  

But, when Lucinda's little sister, Jayne, unexpectedly takes off to America, all Lucinda’s problems begin. With Jayne’s husband, Brian, stranded in a remote Aboriginal community, Lucinda is forced to leave her absorbing job at the museum to take charge of Jayne’s children, David and Madison - and their ridiculous little dachshund, Wilma!

The domestic whirlwind that ensues would be more than enough for Lucinda to deal with, even without the malingering presence of teenage emo, Wesley Heslop, on the living room couch. But then there’s also the mysterious disappearance of a stuffed eclectus parrot from the museum where Lucinda works. Also a pair of famous red shoes have gone missing - Judy Garlands from The Wizard of Oz, no less! And, finally, how will Lucinda deal with the disarming affections of Madison’s ‘second-best’ friend, Kieran Waterford?

Naturally, Lucinda is determined to do things her way but, in a world full of confusing social rules and nuances, it may take a great deal of gumption to continue to be as bold and as forthright as her…

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Dying for Cake

A Brisbane mother's coffee group is torn apart when newborn baby, Amy, disappears and her mother, Evelyn, broken and distant in a psychiatric hospital can't (or won't) tell anyone what has happened.

Desperate to find Amy, and also to understand what has happened to Evelyn, the other women attempt to cope with the situation in their own way. But these circumstances have changed their lives irreversibly, and each woman begins to look for something to satiate the cravings that she had never allowed to surface before...

Joanna is dying for cake. Clare is longing to paint again. Susan want's to claw back all the time she's lost. Wendy is trying to forget the past. And Evelyn? Well, nobody knows what Evelyn wants. But how can she not want her baby back?

To read an excerpt from the first chapter of Dying for Cake, click here (part 1) and here (part 2).

Dying for Cake was published in the United States in 2007 under the title Friends and Mothers

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